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Warning: The web version which you can play is missing some small things like videos and is not fully stable (yet). You may run into some issues. It is recommended to play the downloadable versions.

Fairy fixer is a NSFW Visual Novel (in development) which takes place in the universe of Winx Club!
You'll meet many characters from the series like Bloom, Stella, Musa, Flora and Tecna, but also many others! 

You're a young man, living in Magix city leading a normal standard life. One day, a mysterious entity speaks to you in your dreams to remember you about your purpose in the world.
Get to know yourself, uncover the secrets of the magix dimensions and have some fun with the girls while you're exploring Magix and other kingdoms.

Current available fetishes:

  • Voyeurism
  • Handjob
  • Footjobs
  • Masturbation
  • Fingering
  • Vaginal/Anal
  • Blowjob

Leave a comment what you think about the game or if you spot any bugs. The changelogs can be found inside the devlogs.

If you like our game, please drop a rating ! We would really appreciate it!

Have fun and don't forget to Become a patron! We're posting weekly updates about our game which are available for all the patrons.  If you can't wait for the public releases, you can always become a patron and have early access to our game :)

Updated 18 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Erotic, Fantasy, Magic, Sandbox, winx
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Smartphone

Install instructions

For MacOs/Linux/Windows:

Unzip the file and execute the executable for your system.

For Android users:

Install the APK via USB file transfer and run the APK on your phone.


com.juiceshooters.fairyfixer-10-universal-release.apk 167 MB
Version 0.0.4 31 days ago
Download 163 MB
Version 0.0.4 31 days ago
Download 145 MB
Version 0.0.4 31 days ago

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You know how long it takes for the next update to come out, because I am very intrigued by the reaction that she will have when knowing that you have lost / given her ring. You could also make the Trix reward you in a better way🤤😏. I would also like to know if there will be something else from Nova.

Sorry if something is not understood, since I am Spanish and my English is not good.

congratulations on the game .. I am loving to play ..

will there be any more updates in the game?

because in the version  ( Fairy_Fixer-0.0.4-pc)  says it was the last version of the flora. right when she said she would do whatever I wanted...

Will Roxy appear? Where will she stay?

good stuff, that flora update will be huge, thanks for your hard work

how to get dildo for Musa?!?


Just wanted to say that it is an amazing game and one of the games I am following and curious about the future. Great work! Ps: Curious about Bloom already or any S*x scenes with any of the girls. 

Thank you for giving me something to look forward to during covid times

(1 edit)

I'm from Spain, sorry if there is something wrong written

Out of curiosity, will Mirta, Selina, Daphne, Diana, Nebula, Aurora and Sibylla come out?

I would also like to know if you think you can change the appearance of the character, because I do not like that it is Andy (I do not like the character at all)

It would also be a good idea to add a kind of gallery where all the scenes of interaction between characters will be saved so that you can see it again later, Stella in the shower, Musa giving herself pleasure, the reward of the Trix ect ...

Pd: at the moment the game I love it continues like this

Hi there! Don't worry, your english is fine ;)

We will eventually put them in, it's still far ahead of the planning but we're trying to include many/all the girls/woman in the game. All those who you named we have some general plans for it, but it will take a while before they're introduced (Mirta seems like the logical choice to introduce first considering our story).

And we don't sadly, we thought nobody would notice he looked like Andy so we could pull a little dialogue reference.

A gallery is something we thought of doing. We also wanted to make sure all the scenes were repeatable later in the process (by re-introducing them somewhere else), but gallery could also be an option. (Or both).

Thanks! We will! :D 

When is Flora going to be finished?


Good question, "finished" is a big word, but there will be some progress with her in the next update. 

hey dev, the game isnt uploaded for web version


Hey, yeah we contacted support a week ago about raising some limit so it will actually display the game, but nothing heard from them yet. It is uploaded, but now we have to wait for them to actually do something.

Even posted on the forum at the support section, guess this is a very low priority for them to actually fix... o well

Hello from Russia)
Passed the game for the highest possible outcome at the moment. In general, I liked the idea, the game has great future potential.
I especially liked the battles.
So guys, I wish you good luck)

Will there be a update?


Yes, at the end of this month the higher tier patrons will get it first. Somewhere mid december will be the public release :)

I am still searching for way to find Musa, i am kinda too dumb to find her myself (i am trying since i got shower scene with Stella and using magic while playing fitness game with Tecna 


Have you tried to go to the disco dance at night? ;)

Damn i am dumb i was trying it in daytime but it said it was closed i thought it was in development

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Well, i guess i did everything i can so far; I made my relationship 15 with Stella, and 14 with Tecna. I did some -you know- stuff with Nova and i Mastered simple magic (3/3) and game was not allowing me to do something new. My recommendation is that you should add a notification in alpha versions if a player does everything he can, then you should let him know because i spent 15 or 20 in game days searching what's next. Also i think we are reincarnation of Valtor, also darcy seems to know Valtor. In which timeline this game passes? Trix doesnt know it's bloom they're looking for. Timmy and Stella are no longer students since they can work daily (but Stella says she is still learning magic and she only heard about enchantix) Also you said on reddit that Roxy will be in the game too. So i am really confused about the timeline, it is indeed an alternate universe but things get so complicated. 

Oh btw we need to be able to see Nova more often, same goes for Trix but i think we'll eventually see them through missions. Keep up working and updating it's a good game.

Edit : I just realized i played 0.0.2b not 0.0.3 my bad. I'm gonna try updated version

Edit2 : Aaaaand it's patreon only :/

Hey there! You're the second one who suggested that and we're working on it for the 0.0.4 version of the game. It's kind of a sandboxie game so we're still figuring out what it really means if you "did everything" in a version (Not everything is needed to progress the main story like with Nova). 

And about the story, this doesn't really follow the normal winx story line. Some parts are still in it but some parts aren't. And even as a student, you don't have to always have to follow your classes ;) You can indeed see it as an alternative universe.

Andd correct! you'll see them more often eventually. We're still in the early stages of the game. 

Thanks for the rating btw! We really appreciate it :D The public release of the 0.0.3 version will be released on the 11th of october.

When are we gonna see Roxy and Bloom? I hope it's soon. And your efforts should be rewarded, i cant be a patron so ranking is my best bet to support you.

Roxy may take a while, but Bloom will be soon :) Somewhere around end of this year I think for the public release.

and emm... there is a question. when will be our character's first 'real experience'? and who will be? is it icy or bloom... waitin and supportin! go ahead.

That's going more into the spoiler territory won't it? You'll see :)

Oh i forgot the exact update date and came here to check and it seems im just in time. I cant wait to have fun with Musa (as we can see in the images on website i assume it's Musa)

When is the next update  

Good question, the public release will maybe take ~1,5 months, but patrons will get access earlier :) We hope to bring out the Alpha version at the end of this month, so that the public one will be released 3 weeks after.


Yay i love your art

Okay, that is really good project, just waiting for the new updates 

This sunday ;)

Good game, waiting for updates🥰

Thanks! We're doing our best!

That's a good start. Keep it up, fellows!  

Will there be a choice-based content included, since there's a moral system integrated and seems like we can go specialist or witch knight paths?


The specialist path is a given, but there will be some choice-based content later down the line with the moral system ;)

*Drops from the ceiling* hello there! When is the new update


Hi there random first commenter! We're expecting to release the public version at end of this month :)

General Kenoby.